Change Your Habits By Habit Stacking

Hi Team…

I hope you had an amazing weekend!

This weekend for me was a “take-it-easy” and recover kind of weekend…

As you know, last week I was in Miami working with the leadership team at PUMA.

An amazing bunch of people who make the brand GO- along with all their teammates at all levels of the Company.

What many do not realize is when you have to Coach for 3+ hours and you have to be focused and in the moment for an extended period of time- is that your batteries need some extra re-charge time.

If any of you have seen me Coach LIVE- I bring it full velocity, 100% effort the entire time- but my process to create the experience actually begins about 2–3 weeks prior.

Organization of thoughts, structure of the event, and mapping content and strategy to make sure there are strong take-aways and deliverable.

Each day, as the event gets closer there is sequential work that begins to take place until “Game-Day”…

And this is where we pick up today…


Habit Stacking is a strategy I have used for years on myself and on my players/ those I coach in order to deliver “resistance” free outcomes….

It translates to this: We never change or grow everything at once- we do things sequentially- one thing at a time- we master that thing- and once we show mastery- we advance to the next thing.

That is the stacking part.

Habit change is about “Mastery of 1”….

Do one thing, with consistency, with excellence, then move to the next thing…but only after mastery has been shown…

Think about how most diets work….

They TRY to stop a fast moving steam engine that is consuming high calories, sugars, starches, and high volume of all of those things….

Most diets are based around restriction or complete “clean-up” of the foods consumed.

But here is the thing…

Most fail.

They fail because they go for GOLD right from the jump..

Habit stacking as it relates to diet works like this….

“Let’s get breakfast right….”

We lay out what your breakfast menu looks like for the next 7-days… you eat THAT.

Then, after 7-days, we go for another 7-days.

Then, we start to talk about your lunch menu in addition to keeping the breakfast habit going….

Then, after 14-days of mastery of breakfast and lunch, we discuss dinner…

In that period, we have had 40+ days elapse and no habit change felt extreme because it was in sequence…

We took the pressure away….

The same is true with exercise….

Let’s get your training days and times set- as well as what you are going to do for your training and then MASTER it over a period of time…

What this method, HABIT STACKING does is it allows you to build routine and consistency while at the same time remodeling your mind and body connection.

It promotes discipline but without extreme measure.

And- it works for everything…

But, the rule is: WE MASTER 1-THING AT A TIME…

This is why true transformation, for most that I coach takes at least 12-months before they look, feel, and operate in a completely different manner than when they started…

The truth is, many rebel for the first 6-months…

They start and stop.

They do great- then they quit.

The excuses and comforts of their past hijack them.

Like I told PUMA, “Emotions hijack performance”….

Performance is simple..

Do the things that have been proven to work, through trial and error every single day.

These are your habits and routines.

Your habits and routines become your operating system, way, and essence.

It takes time to find YOUR way…

The only way to do that is through micro-testing and HABIT STACKING.

As we get ready to turn over the year- where in your life/ health/ and operating systems are you seeking change?

*write it down

From there, how would you apply HABIT STACKING to start that ball and get it rolling?

These questions need answers if you are serious about change.

And, if you are looking to jump-start change and your leadership- you can take a look and pre-order my newest book, Habits of a Champion Team!

Click here to order.

Ok- time to get start my day with my workout, like I always do.

Practicing what I preach…

Full execution of Habit Stacking and Bullseye Execution…

Let’s go…

Win the week!

Your Coach,



Dana Cavalea is the World Champion Director of Strength and Conditioning & Performance of the New York Yankees. Currently, he is a High Performance Speaker & Consultant to Pro Athletes, Entrepreneurs, Business Executives, and Workforces on lifestyle strategies to reduce stress, improve work/life integration, and most importantly improve daily performance /outcomes. Book Dana to Speak at your Company Event or Conference Today!




World Champion New York Yankees Director of Strength & Performance. High Performance Executive Coach. Keynote Speaker. On-Camera Talent. #trainlikeapro

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World Champion New York Yankees Director of Strength & Performance. High Performance Executive Coach. Keynote Speaker. On-Camera Talent. #trainlikeapro

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