This is getting sickening to watch and see people falling into the bottomless pit of money grabbing health “professionals” taking advantage of peoples vulnerabilities.

The reality is this. America has a real eating problem. We (the majority) prefer to eat carbohydrate dense foods, desserts, grains, starches, sweets and drink alcohol. That is reality. Most people are addicted to these things because since birth, parents have been flooding their kids with apple juices, chex mix, cereals and other addictive foods.

Then, as they get older, they are told that they can’t eat that anymore. We spend the first 5 years of a child’s life getting them addicted to junk food, then, we pull the rug from under them and say they have to now engage in healthier eating. The excuse, “They are kids. They are young. It won’t hurt them” is ok to use during the developmental years and as lazy parents prefer the drive thru over the stovetop, but then all of a sudden it is no longer good.

You see, these behaviors and habits that are formed from birth carry though. When you are used to sweets and salts as part of your daily diet, cutting that becomes hard. Just ask any smoker how hard it is to quit. The same is true with food. As we all know, DIETING, the ultimate buzz word which can at times have the same response as the word MURDER to some, is one of the most exploited words in our vocabulary.

Dieting is confusing, corrupt, money making and in my mind, a scam. We are calling “eating well” a diet. Diets would not even exist if we weren’t pumping ourselves or having others pump is with junk food. Rather than focusing on dieting, we would be focused on CHEATING. Eating well should be the staple in our daily consumption of food.

It is 2017 and people are still amazed at how much weight they can lose when they cut out starchy carbs, sugars, gluten and sodium. I have seen so many quack “holistic” docs out there claiming they have the “magic formula” to weight loss when all they do is eliminate the above, along with dairy, soy and other allergenic foods. While at the same time, alongside of the elimination that takes people back to the foods they should be consuming, these professionals are pumping people full of their own private label supplements.

Now, I am not saying supplements are the enemy, but there is a lot of guess work. Unless you are getting full blood panels and consuming supplements that are used to improve your baseline deficits, then you are guessing. The doctor is guessing. Blood panels tell the story. But, alongside the blood panels, you should track your blood over the years and see how your levels are changing. Just like everything else, you are unique and this needs to be individualized. You may have naturally lower levels of testosterone, but be fine. Where as somebody else with your levels may need a boost.

I write this today as a result of feeling like I have been scammed. I have spoken to many of these practitioners and have always left disappointed.

People need to clean up the way they eat, get a good coach to hold them accountable, start training with intensity and then look at good eating as a long term play rather than a 6 week “run”. Thats the problem. We have a commitment problem. Most likely due to lack of evolving goals. It is amazing how that “overweight” person can drop 20lbs all of a sudden before a wedding, vacation or life event. Then the thyroid is no issue. But when they have to live in their day to day reality with no real reason to get in “shape”, you see the results.

Think about it- what was the last diet you actually stuck with? I am sorry, but subbing high nutrient food for powders and pills is not the long term answer. Then, there are those that say fruit is bad. Fruit has to much sugar. Fruit is making you fat. That is B.S. Show me somebody that has gotten fat from eating too much fruit. Those that blame the fruit are also flooding themselves with cookies, crackers, pastas, rice and create a situation of carbo overload.

Now if you are a diabetic, different story. But for those of us that know we do not move enough, know our eating is subpar and have the nerve to blame thyroids, guts, adrenals, etc…. I am talking to YOU. Stop making excuses. Commit to change. It is amazing what happens to your body when you eliminate stress and flood your body with high nutrient foods and high quality training/ exercise.

GET TO WORK. Save your money on the detox.

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