Greatness Always Starts With A Decision

Too often we sit around and wait for an outcome to present itself, instead, if want true change, we must take immediate action by making a decision.

2 min readApr 27, 2022

Hi Team…

I am pumped this AM!

Our Champions-30 team meets up at 12pm today for a powerful meeting…

And, I have some really cool things I am working on….

Which is what I wanted to chat about today…

I look at life as a flowing wave…

Highs, lows, and periods of calm… followed by times of rough seas…

Personally, I do not like times when I have no action…

I always need to be creating, coaching, designing, or building..

When I am not- well, stay the hell away from me!

But, I know this about myself so I do the things I need to do to remain in an optimized state..

What are those things for you?

When are you at your best?

When are you at your worst?

The key to maintaining a great mental state is to know what the key ingredients are to your well-being…

When I coach clients- we begin very quickly to figure out what their key ingredients are…

For me, my ingredients are:

  • Daily Exercise
  • Daily Clean Eating
  • Daily Writing
  • Daily Coaching
  • Daily Connecting
  • Daily Creation

I have to do these daily…

This pattern of behavior may have come from sports- as we are always focused on our “everyday’s”.

What I have seen in working with folks outside of sports is that they are less focused on their everyday’s and more focused on their someday’s….

Someday I will do that…

Some days I do that…

That is where we change things…

Providing structure and framework- while aligning both to goal is essential..

Because that says if I do these things each and everyday- I am actually bringing my goal closer to me…

I am attracting my goal by my repetitive daily actions…

Are you this kind of person?

Or, are you a dabbler?

Don’t dabble- it never works.

Go all-in.

Speaking of all-in, on May 16th our next Champions-30 starts.

Come all-in with me.

Let me coach you so you can get rid of your junk weight, reduce body-fat, and increase your energy.

It won’t be hard- trust me. I have a method that works and I want to share it with you.

This is the link to join. Click it.

Changing your life, results, and outcomes starts with a decision.

You owe it to yourself, your family, and those you lead.

Nothing gets me more upset than seeing talent, ability, and potential left on the table.

Let’s go!

Your Coach,





World Champion New York Yankees Director of Strength & Performance. High Performance Executive Coach. Keynote Speaker. On-Camera Talent. #trainlikeapro