How To Negotiate For What You Want

Most people negotiate from the position of getting what they want and not considering the other party- that is how losing is done, not winning.

3 min readFeb 17, 2022


Hi Team…

This morning I wrote a LinkedIn post about Major League Baseball and the communication gap that exists between players and owners.

For years, the owners threw money at players to keep them at bay- but now, the feud goes beyond money and both sides are chapped.

I called this a failure as it relates to The Power of Duality.

Duality is about both sides.

In this case, it is about separation and loss.

But, it can easily be about coming together and victory.

Which is what today’s post is about.

I often coach leaders who have frustrations about something or many things.

***Usually they are centered around people.

(some they manage, some they work for, some they live with!)

When I coach them, we commit to NO rash decisions but instead we work through the previous interactions and what we want to see happen with our relationship with these people as well as the outcomes we desire from them.

That is the starting point of a positive duality.

We often can get so hijacked by our emotions that daggers come out towards people when in fact, all they need is clarity and to be addressed differently.

Are there some assholes out there that need to go? Yes.

But, there are many that just need to be handled different.

Also, if your emotions are running high, it is very hard to approach people without showing that hand of frustration.

So what do we do?

If we are committed to victory of both parties, the interactions we face all start with this:

Step 1: What are you looking for and needing?

Step 2: Next, you let them know what YOU are looking for and needing.




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