Procrastination is really just FATIGUE in disguise…

Hey Team-

As April comes to a close… and we complete the 1st month of the second quarter…

How are you doing?


Excited about Spring/ Summer?

Workouts good?

Well if any of those categories are suffering.. I ask you to take a real GOOD look inside and ask yourself how is your energy level day after day?

Are you pushing, grinding, and battling your way through fatigue?

Do you think fatigue is normal because you are “working hard”?

I want to speak with you about something personal, and also something many of my Corporate Consulting clients deal with… PROCRASTINATION..

It is totally not intentional or due to laziness, they just can’t help it (they think)

Can you relate?

When I first start working with many of these people, they are seeking ways/ strategies to become more effective. After all, they are type A and will run through a wall if they had to!

Production and results are everything to them..

So let’s talk strategy session…

These strategy sessions always begin with 2 questions:



Once I can understand their psychology and how they “judge” their performance, it is than time to put a plan in place…. but only after the final question…

**WHEN YOU ARE “WORKING”.. Walk me through your day… from the time you arrive at work to the time you leave…

What windows are open on your desktop?

How long is lunch?

How many meetings do you “call” or “attend” each day?

If we were to talk about “actual” work… meaning GETTING THINGS DONE.. how long would you say you are spending on that?

You see, what I have found is that “meetings” and “phone conferences” are the new crutch in American Business… and really in most leader/ workforce-team interactions….

How necessary is a multi-hour meeting?

Not very..since most upon departure are unable to remember key objectives.. .and the follow up is usually poor… or needing a follow up meeting…

What is scary though, is the epidemic of burn-out in Corporate jobs and high level positions…

But I find most of it due to fatigue and pushing to a point of extreme fatigue.. then the mind is unable to focus… and this becomes the breeding ground of chronic anxiety (the result of always being “on”)..

You see, here is the reality: Most people can only be engaged and effective for a certain amount of time…

The human mind can only focus for a certain period of time..

The body is a self-regulating machine that is built with protective mechanisms…

Now you can train your focus to improve… but what works best is times of focused work (30–90 minutes)… followed by a time of MENTAL RECOVERY…

What I have found is by setting an OBJECTIVE for the day.. and accomplishing that objective is very effective…

Once the objective is complete, then and only then should you engage in a “meetings and calls”….

These “meetings and calls” are emotionally draining.. and the fatigue from these calls inhibits quality work…

So, if you are a Coach or Business Leader… think about how effective you can make your day by building in 2–3- 60/90 minute power blocks… where you work with zero distractions…

No calls, no text, no alerts, no windows open on the computer unless they are the ones you are using to complete the power block…

Zero interruptions…

Workforces today are filled with Zombies… claiming to be busier than they really are…scrolling social media like it is a part of their job… and this leads to the mind being “worked” and “wasted” without producing a result…

But make sure to check yourself before you wreck yourself…

The reason for the scrolling could be due to you just being tired….

SO take the vacations…

Take the day when you need it…

Prevention is key…

Get your rest. Get your recovery. And your performance will elevate as a result..

And finally, own your WORK DAY & CALENDAR… don’t waste your time!


Coach Dana Cavalea is the former Director of Strength and Conditioning & Performance for the New York Yankees.

He now spends his time traveling the world speaking and consulting C-suites and their companies, teams, and organizations on how to activate themselves physically and mentally to improve productivity, value, and contribution(aka winning).

To speak with Coach Cavalea about activating your workforce, visit his site at Dana Cavalea-Speaker, Performance Coach & Health Strategist where he offers speaking, consulting , and team-building services.

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World Champion New York Yankees Director of Strength & Performance. High Performance Executive Coach. Keynote Speaker. On-Camera Talent. #trainlikeapro

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World Champion New York Yankees Director of Strength & Performance. High Performance Executive Coach. Keynote Speaker. On-Camera Talent. #trainlikeapro

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