Work Hard. Do Your Best. Grind. This never works. Because success starts before all of this.

In a time where many are chasing success- it may be time to start achieving in a way that is actually good for you.

Stress does not just happen, it happens because we allow pressure to build because we fail to ask critical questions.

  1. Trying to do too much.
  2. Trying to do too much too fast.
  3. Trying to do everything yourself.
  4. The unknown.

Unfortunately, many find a away to choose the action of thought and strategy instead of the action of taking action.

Making the decision to only surround yourself with winners will change your life- you just have to make the decision.

  • They blow off meetings without calling, texting, emailing……
  • They have no respect for other peoples time……
  • They constantly do not get back to you……
  • They say one thing and do another….
  • They have no word….
  • They have no character…..
  • They can not be trusted…..
  • They are…

When we remember the power of self- talk and cue our mindset correctly, everything changes.

  • Motivate The Team
  • Provide The Team Tools To Improve Sales
  • Build Team Culture

Too often we fall into the trap of thinking like everyone else and doing what everybody else does. They are left wondering why they are not seeing elevation in their life.

Overcoming the feeling of “stuck” can only be done once one understands the mechanics of it’s origin.

When we keep records of our activities, finding the reason “why” becomes that much easier.

If you wait until you are ready, fully confident, and full competent to “start” or engage in something, you will be waiting a long time.


World Champion New York Yankees Director of Strength & Performance. High Performance Executive Coach. Keynote Speaker. On-Camera Talent. #trainlikeapro

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